Stationery / Janitorial

Stationery / Janitorial
Stationery / Janitorial
Cost effective Stationery & Janitorial products
Reviewing your business’s Stationery and Janitorial products may be the last task you want to do. It can be just as easy to overlook as it is to be overcharged. The common approach uses modelling on core products v non core products. On close examination, this doesn’t always optimise savings opportunities.
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Using the ProQure model as an independent approach, has shown our clients that they can reduce their costs by adopting our strategy and pricing model.

ProQure will help you find a supplier who not only provides your stationery / Janitorial supplies but who can fulfil a procurement strategy that really works for you. The right supplier will not only provide you with savings, they will add value by being able to consolidate your supply chain and reduce your soft costs by reducing your invoicing and administration.

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There is a lot more to be gained in this sector. Talk to us and we will show you how.

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