Card Payment & EPOS Services

Card Payment and EPOS Services
Card Payment & EPOS Services
Quality Card Payment Services for the right fee

When you are looking for a card service provider receiving a quality service for the right fee is what counts. Without the time to research or without market knowledge it can be difficult to know whether you have obtained the best market price or whether the low fee may reflect on quality.

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Missing potential savings when choosing the card payment service for your business can cost hundreds if not thousands per year. We can guide you through card payment market. Our desire is to always make efficient, cost effective solutions.  

ProQure work with A-rated card machine companies, a number of whom are Fintech rated 

Our clients have already saved thousands per year on credit card machine services. To start your savings, schedule a short phone or video call.  

If you have recently signed a new contract and are unsure, we can look at a buyout. It’s worth sending an email, whatever your situation is there may be a better solution.

The Process
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Changing provider with ProQure couldn’t be more simple and can take as little as 3 working days from start to finish, with zero downtime to your business and at absolutely no cost to you. Simply arrange a short visit from our local specialist and have a copy of your previous card payment statement ready. We can even complete the whole process over the phone if you prefer.

Contact us on 020 3355 0228 or drop us an email

If you would like our specialist to review your rates prior to meeting, you can scan or take photos of your previous monthly card statement and email it to us along with contact details and it will be reviewed and potential savings relayed to you shortly after. Even if you believe you already have good rates, let our specialist confirm this for you for peace of mind.

Available Card Payment Services
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Countertop - payments at the till
Countertop - payments at the till
Portable - Take it to your customers
Portable - Take it to your customers
Portable - Take it to your customers
Portable - Take it to your customers
man paying via phone
Pay by phone
Women paying via email on laptop
Pay by Email
Man using tablet to pay online
Pay Online
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