Domiciliary Care PPE

Domiciliary Care PPE
Domiciliary Care PPE
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If you run a Care Home business or a care in the home franchise, PPE will be a significant area of expenditure and compliance
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Having a partner who will introduce you to specialist suppliers who will not only understand the care sector but who already supply NHS Trusts, private hospitals and domiciliary businesses with PPE across the UK is vital. 

Be it gloves, aprons, masks or overshoes, the right price, quality and specification of product aligned with continuity of supply are paramount. 

We have been providing PPE supply solutions for our clients since 2018.

We can also help businesses with our procurement strategy of consolidation. Alongside PPE we provide solutions in other areas of consumable office products that will reduce costs not only on the price of the products but with consolidated monthly invoicing and delivery. 

Download and share our useful PDF on Care Providers PPE.

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