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In a time when resources are under pressure, it may be time to consider outsourcing your indirect procurement.

Consider how cost effective is it for you to commit existing resources to effectively research and review your existing supplier arrangements? Carrying out the necessary due diligence and supplier assessment is time consuming and will not always guarantee the best procurement solution for your business. Often providers will only offer their best rates when they feel they will lose your business or are confronted with a better offer from a competitor. We have already been through this process with our supply chain for them to partner with us.

In real terms, it could cost you money to save money.

When you want to optimise your existing resources running and improving your direct business, it makes sense to outsource your indirect procurement requirements.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. ProQure will take the time to understand the culture of your business. Only then will we recommend suppliers who will be the best fit for your organisation. This is key to implementing a successful procurement strategy.

We do all this at no cost to you. We do not take a percentage of your savings, or charge you in any way.

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