Business growth comes down to having the right people on your team
Ensuring you engage the right people to achieve this is vital.

When looking for a new member for your team, it is essential that the recruitment agency you engage really does take the time to understand your needs, requirements and most importantly, your culture.

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It can be a time consuming and often fruitless task.

An uninspiring parade of candidates, some of whom you know you won’t employ before they’ve even sat down!

We can take the strain, by dealing with the agencies and the recruitment process, so you don’t have to.

The ProQure Managed Recruitment Service will liaise with each agency and collate all the candidates details, conduct the initial screening and create a shortlist of the best candidates. We can then manage the interview booking process right through to your new employee starting day.

Alternatively we can introduce directly to a specialist agency for your specific requirements. The choice is yours.

We will only introduce you to agencies that prioritise your needs over their own, to deliver high-quality candidates that will fit into your existing team and company culture,  it can be very costly to hire the wrong people!

We also recognise that the best people do not always apply to job adverts, especially those who could be your ideal candidate.

As our consultants network in the right sectors, you will be able to broaden your gene pool of potential future employees.

If you have an immediate requirement or require assistance with long term planning talent management, contact us today, we are here to assist.

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