Who we are in Energy

Who we are in Energy
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ProQure are independent energy consultants to the SME and Large business sector markets. We are an impartial source of information and remain the same with our price comparisons. Suffice to say that we source various prices and products from all suppliers in the UK – some that may not even be heard of, although are credible in their niche areas. We act completely independently and impartially, with no ties to any specific suppliers. Our prices and products that we obtain are specifically designed for the energy broker market place and through our high level relationships with suppliers.

We are very professional and transparent in our approach, working towards the best solution for you. In some instances, an energy broker/consultant may ask for a fee. This isn’t the case with ProQure. Our remuneration for the services rendered to you will be paid by the energy supplier that acquires or retains you. So we will never ask you for money for arranging your contract.

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